Why High Visibility Clothing Is Vital For Outdoors Exercise

It has been more than 50 years since high visibility clothes entered the world, and it is now such a common everyday occurrence that it can sometimes feel like sensory overload. It is impossible to not notice high-vis, and that is its intended purpose. In times gone by, high visibility clothes used to be the reserve of those working in the emergency services or other hazardous occupations, such as railway workers and highway maintenance.

However, as times have evolved, so have the types of high visibility clothes available and the purposes they now serve. But what has driven the surge of high-viz clothing around the world? And is it here to stay?

Economical Manufacturing

High visibility clothes are cheap to manufacture and make use of many economical and easy to manufacture materials. In fact, to manufacture a single High-Vis vest costs less than $1.00 and can be produced en masse to cater for the needs of workers around the globe. Of course, not every item is made equal and some high visibility items come in a range of luxurious and expensive fabrics.

Health & Safety Laws

Many critics see the high-vis items as being another example of a mollycoddled state dictated too by the higher government. However, there is no denying that the introduction of high visibility clothes in the workplace have helped drastically decrease the number of accidents that happen.

This has been one of the major driving forces behind its increase in popularity in the workplace. Health & safety laws and regulations around the world now require workers in certain roles or trades to wear high visibility clothes. These laws are mandatory and any breaking of them could lead to the prosecution of the company and null and void of any insurance claim.

Popularity Among Sporting Events

Many sporting events and the participants have lead to a huge increase in the number of high visibility clothing options available. From marathons to the Tour de France, sporting superstars and athletes have taken high vis clothing to a whole new audience. It is now commonplace to see people running in parks, cyclists riding on the roads, and even soccer players wearing brightly colored high visibility clothes.

Final Thoughts On Why High Visibility Clothes Have Dominated The World?

As the population continues to grow and the use of high-vis clothing becomes more common in other situations, one can expect to see an increase in the number of styles and uses of high visibility clothes across many different age groups and genres.